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Duration: 7 days, from December 20 to March 30

The ancient Portillo and Piuquenes pass pack trail goes into the landscape and culture of the border, to cross the Andes and reach Chile on the path which saw the General San Martin and the British naturalist Charles Darwin. Riding a horse the Gauchos’ way makes oneself live unique experiences. During a week one leaves behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life while living to the pace of nature and enjoying the Cordillera Mountain at its purest.


The trail can also be done on foot with the assistance of pack saddled animals.


The program begins in Mendoza, famous for its wines, its tree-lined streets and the hospitality of its people. It is also the province where the Aconcagua Mountain (6962m) -the highest mountain in the world apart from the Himalaya range- is located.


The old trail starts in Tunuyán, Mendoza. Wheel tracks take us up to the Police outpost from where we continue on horseback. In two days we climb to the Argentine Portillo, a 4380-meter high narrow Mountain pass with an incomparable view of the Central Andes and peaks at 6,000 meters.

After crossing this pass we head down to the valley of Tunuyán, a wildlife paradise in the heart of the mountains.

Condors, guanacos and some occasional adventure-seeker are the only presences.

Again we climb to another high pass, the Portezuelo of los Piuquenes (4030m), which marks the border between Argentina and Chile.

Then we go down to the river Plomo in Chile, from where a vehicle will take us to Cajon del Maipo and then Santiago.


At Argentina Mountain we have been guiding expeditions in the Uco Valley since 1993.


Our goal is to build experiences together with our customers and therefore we design each program in a personalized way.


We train on practices aiming at minimal environmental impact and respect of the animal welfare.

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