Crossing the Andes through the Argentine Portillo - Kairos Travel
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Crossing the Andes through the Argentine Portillo


7 days operable from December 30th to March 30th.

  • Rutas
  • Almuerzos
  • Guía


The ancestral road of arrieros from Portillo Argentino and Paso Piuquenes goes deep into the landscape and culture of the border, to cross the Andes and reach Chile along the path traveled by General San Martin and the British naturalist Charles Darwin. Traveling on horseback, in the traditional way of the gauchos, allows you to live unique experiences; for a week we leave behind the busyness of everyday life, to live to the rhythm of nature and enjoy the mountain range in its purest form.

The crossing can also be done walking, with animal support for the load.

The program starts in Mendoza, a city famous for its wines, its tree-lined streets and the hospitality of its people. It is also the province where Mount Aconcagua (6962m) is located, the largest mountain in the world outside the Himalayas.

The old path begins in Tunuyán, Mendoza. A track for vehicles leads to the post of Gendarmerie, from where we continue mounted. In two days we climbed up to the Portillo Argentino, a narrow pass at 4380 meters high and with an incomparable view of the Central Andes and its peaks of 6,000 meters. After crossing this pass we descend to the valley of Tunuyán, a paradise of wild life in the heart of the mountain. Condors, guanacos and some occasional adventurer are the only presences. Again we climb to another high pass, the Portezuelo de losPiuquenes (4030m), which marks the border between Argentina and Chile. From there we descend to the Plomo river (Chile), where a vehicle awaits us to take us to the Cajón del Maipo and then to Santiago de Chile.

In Argentina Mountain we have been guiding expeditions in the Uco Valley since 1993.

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